martes, 21 de febrero de 2012

Hoy cumple años quien ha sido y será el tipo más importante en mi vida, muy feliz cumple papá ♥

"Just tell her we miss her".

Y entre otras cosas, y sin darme cuenta, hoy ya van a ser un año y siete meses desde que te fuiste. Si estás por algún lado, quiero que sepas que te extraño mucho Yumi.

domingo, 19 de febrero de 2012

Por culpa de un chico.

-You're my only friend. The only one I can tell everything
-Not that I want to hear everything. What's in it for me?
-I can be like a brother to you.
-That's not what I expected. I won't settle for less. I'm in love with you. You'll never be in love with me. I think we'd better stop seeing each other. I'm fed up of being hurt for nothing.
-I don't want to. I need you.
-I'm talking about myself for once! I can't be just a friend. Not at the moment. I need time.
-Right... I'll leave you.
-Please... Don't be angry with me. I'd rather go to sleep and wake up beside you.
-What about Stéphane?
-I was never in love with him.
-Will we ever get together?
-I don't know... 

martes, 7 de febrero de 2012

Congrats, you totally did it.

miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2012

Y bueno, eso.


"Y dada mi experiencia, puedo decirte a vos que te encantan los dichos, que efectivamente no hay mal que por bien no venga".